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Photography Skill I

Photography Skills (I)
1. How to pan
Pan is a technique for shooting a moving subject. Which is characterized by a focus on the photographic part of the static to shake the way the lens to follow the subject, the performance of its sense of speed. To use this shooting technique, you need to set the camera to shutter priority mode, and then use the slower shutter speed, generally 1 / 30s or 1 / 60s. Follow the camera to follow the subject, to follow its movement and move to achieve the subject clear, blurred background effect. Of course, the use of continuous shooting mode to capture sharper pictures of greater opportunities.
2. How to place the tripod on the slope
If you shoot with a tripod on a slope, there is a way to keep the camera away from sudden danger. If we were shooting on a rocky hill or a hill, let one leg of the tripod stand against it, the three legs of the tripod would be able to support the camera steadily to prevent falling.
3. How to avoid underexposure
Photographers often underexposed when taking pictures, open the flash shooting afraid of too bright, sacrifice the natural environment of the scene. In such cases, the best way is to use the camera's exposure compensation. As long as the exposure compensation function pushed one to two, the general situation will be improved dark.


4. How to focus after the composition
Focus the center of the screen at the center of the subject to be photographed face, press the shutter button halfway to complete the focus and metering procedures, press the shutter button and hold the horizontal movement of the camera to re-composition.
5. Aperture priority what purpose
Digital SLR cameras often have a large number of f-stop lenses. In auto mode, the camera's program tends to use a larger aperture to reduce shutter time and reduce undesirable shots. However, the camera lens is generally in the maximum aperture from the contraction of two or so when shooting the best image, so if you want to shoot high-quality images, you can use the aperture priority auto exposure, the aperture down from the maximum smaller. In addition, the large aperture can achieve a small depth of field, which is conducive to highlight the main.
6. How to avoid glare
Directly shooting the sun, will produce glare in the lens, so that the contrast of the screen a serious imbalance, while the incident light is reflected by the lens surface to the CCD and the formation of spot lines. High-quality hoods help limit glare, while using a minimum aperture reduces these spots.
7. How to make the light star effect
To make the effect of light to produce stars, then the photographer will need to use a small aperture to exposure, the smaller the aperture, the effect is more obvious.
8. How to protect the camera
In order to protect the digital camera and battery, we try not to use too high or too low temperature digital SLR camera, do not up to a few hours to your camera directly in the sun, shooting to avoid the lens Direct sunlight to avoid damaging the CCD board. If you have to ** in the sun, then you can use a light-colored towel or reflective material will cover the camera. Try to avoid shooting in rain and snow, such as shooting to be properly protected to avoid prolonged shooting at low temperatures to prevent the machine aging. Cold winter from the outside into the indoor machine is prone to condensation, like people with glasses. The correct method is put in a sealed plastic bag, the machine and the room temperature and then remove the same. Be sure to remove the battery when you are finished shooting. Keep in a dry place when storing to avoid machine damp.
9. How to optimize image quality
Digital SLR camera image format can choose JPEG can also choose RAW format, RAW format for post-production is very favorable. In addition, the RAW format screen will not be automatically adjusted by the camera, its quality will be better quality. Of course, the photographer can set the saturation, contrast, sharpness, etc. to adjust the screen details, the picture quality is better.
10. What is the B door
B door is to allow you to long exposure mode. Its exposure time is from when you press the shutter to release the shutter that time. In the use of B gate process, it is best to use a tripod and shutter release.
11. What is the effect of bracketing compensation
Using different exposure to shoot more than 3 photos in order to find the most appropriate exposure.
12. What is the high light warning
When the shooting information is displayed, the overexposed area in the image flickers. To obtain more detail in the overexposed area, adjust the exposure compensation in the negative direction and then shoot.

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