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Photography Skill III

Photographic Skill (III)

1. Shoot how small objects in the distance focus
When the object to be photographed is far away, and can not put the hand over the time, you can use the same distance and the subject of shooting, this method of focusing is also very useful.
2. What is the role of post-processing
Users learn to use image editing tools. Sometimes the digital image is not perfect, but the advantage of digital image is that it can be easily post-processing, as long as the appropriate use of image editing tools such as Photoshop, you can get a more satisfactory image file. Through the image editing tool software processing, you can make the underexposed image to highlight, correct color, cut distracting background, covering a number of small defects, such as: the main characters face defects to be amended.
3. How to use digital SLR camera power
Photographers in the shooting process, try not to use the screen viewfinder, with the camera's small optical viewfinder. Also, try not to use or as little as possible with the playback to see the photos taken. Also, do not always switch on the camera, this will speed up the consumption of electricity.

How to make photos clearer
4. How to make pictures more clear
For photography, the focus is clear the basic requirements, but for beginners, requires a clear focus of each photo is a certain degree of difficulty. The impact of a clear focus of many factors, if not well grasp, it is difficult to obtain good results.
The following is a few to maintain a clear focus of a good way for beginners reference.
I. Prevent vibration. Shake makes the image in the image shaking fuzzy, even if the focus is very accurate, it will also affect the clarity of the image. There are two reasons for the vibration: First, the camera shake, that is, press the shutter, the camera because of instability and shaking. Second, the main movement, that is, the moment the lens shutter is open, the subject itself is in motion, and the shutter time is not short enough, there is no solidification dynamic, resulting in image blur. To prevent vibration, must be the right medicine, you can take measures from three aspects:
(1) Attach the camera to a tripod. If the tripod is not supported by the shooting conditions, the tripod can also be used instead.
(2) Shortening the shutter time (typically 1/250 sec.) Reduces image shake caused by camera shake.
(3) using the right way to hold machine. In the case without a tripod, hold the posture of the machine is correct or not, will directly affect the stability of the camera. To overcome the subject's own dynamic blur, there is only one way, it is to shorten the shutter time. As long as conditions allow, the shorter the shutter time the better.
II. not one-sided pursuit of small aperture. Beginners believe that small aperture will increase the depth of field, will make the image clear, so they often regardless of the occasion, the aperture is very small, especially in the focus is not sure, will believe that small aperture can help. However, the end result of this is often undesirable because the use of a small aperture causes the shutter time to be prolonged, and thus the camera & apos; s vibration to have a sufficient negative impact. Therefore, the one-sided pursuit of small aperture is not the best policy, the correct approach should be to use a short time shutter and tripod.
III. Correctly understand the characteristics of the lens. Many people think that the smaller the aperture of the lens, the greater the image clarity. This view is not correct. In fact, the best lens imaging, is to narrow its maximum aperture 2-3 file. Such as a maximum aperture of F2.8 lens, when the aperture received F5.6-F8, the imaging the best.
V. Note that the relationship between the background and the main body. The contrast between the subject and the background of the size of the color will affect people's vision, in the same focus, the contrast between the main and the background is large, the image looks high definition; if the color contrast is small, Up clarity is low. Therefore, in order to make the subject in the picture is very clear, consciously choose high contrast background is very effective.
5. How to get good results silhouette photos
I. To fully show the physical characteristics of the theme of the silhouette, the body and the background vivid together, we can say that the body is the language, the background is intonation, and this language is sometimes silent Shengshengyici, let the creators to try to figure out and experience, which is also Is the beauty of silhouette photos. Because in the silhouette photos, the main color and no details of the main show, so the physical characteristics of the subject requirements is very high, which requires the author based on the effect of post-performance to carefully select the shooting angle and the main form, full display theme features, To beauty and vivid.
II. Silhouette photos to take full advantage of the subject and the background by the difference of light. In general, we can use the sunrise and sunset when the backlight, because the light when the softest, do not look dazzling, is a good time to shoot, usually only ten minutes or so, you can use the outdoor and indoor artificial Of the light-receiving differences or natural reflections of the sky and water.
III. Exposure to follow the principles of rather than do not over, according to the background part of the bright spot metering, which can make the main exposure is serious enough to form a strong silhouette.
V. When the subject of the screen in the picture the proportion of the screen is too small, or the screen blank space is relatively monotonous, you can creatively use the silhouette as a foreground, through the black silhouette can oppress the audience's visual projection to the subject, Black silhouette will not distract the audience. We can even use the silhouette as the main body of the frame, the formation of square, round or variation of the various shapes, so that the usual scene with a unique sense of the screen form to increase the depth of the screen sense.
Silhouette photo
6. How to shoot with low light
I. A reasonable aperture and ISO collocation. The most basic principles of photography, the same applies naturally to low-light photography, the greater the aperture, the shutter speed, the lower the ISO, the higher the quality of the photo, the exposure time is longer, more likely to appear noise; I suggest you use F22 aperture Get the maximum depth of field; ISO is the lower the better, to reduce unnecessary noise, the general use of ISO100.
II. Stable long exposure. Low light photography is characterized by the biggest "long" shooting time, you often need seconds, or even tens of seconds to complete your shooting, therefore, a solid tripod essential; In addition, the shutter line can also Effectively reduces jitter that may occur when the shutter is pressed.
III. Environmental test shot × 3. The digital camera is fixed with a tripod, the ISO adjusted to 100, aperture F22, in accordance with 5 seconds, 10 seconds and 20 seconds each shot a photo from the three photos to get on the scene to determine the effect of light accurately - - often need to use B door to get such a long exposure, according to the results of the three test to determine the final exposure time.
V. Always use RAW format. In extreme exposure situations such as extreme shooting, RAW format provides the picture quality will be much higher than the JPEG format, not stingy memory card space, the quality of the dedication will bring the best photos.
VI. Keep trying to keep fresh. The creative potential of low-light photography is very, completely do not have to follow a fixed aperture, shutter, ISO settings, and constantly try new possibilities, the use of different time and light to complete the work.
7. How to use the filter in the night shooting
In the night photography, for some special filters are also useful. As the background in the dark background, bright main body against each other, with similar characteristics of high contrast, which makes some special filters can play its role.
I.Starlight mirror Like the high-Kennedy series 055,056,058,059 and other filters, can form a different starlight effect. There are also a number of other filters can also be used in night photography, such as the high-REF059 soft, such as soft cross-mirror.
II. Soft mirror. Soft lens for shooting some background and the subject has a certain contrast to the scene, so when shooting a night scene also has a certain effect, plus a soft mirror, you can make the night at the junction of light and dark or bright body has the effect of night sky dispersion , More peculiar.
III. Overspeed mirror. Like Gao Jian series 217 speeding mirror with imaging half clear, half of the image is elongated sense of elongation, as if in the fast-moving objects. If the "speeding" part of the scene in the bottom, there will be a clear upper, lower half of the building in the sky up the rising effect.
V. Rainbow mirror. Rainbow mirror is generally used to shoot the screen for a strong point light source content, the specific effect of the middle is a very bright light point, surrounded by a rainbow-like light. But when used according to the actual situation of the screen, not abuse, so as not to draw a tiger not a class dog.
VI. Polygon mirror. The primary function of a polygon mirror is to allow a simple object to be refracted so that the same object appears in the picture as if it were viewed from a kaleidoscope. But the filter also has its shortcomings, is the image quality is relatively poor, the screen easy to mess.
VII. Polarizer. Polarizing mirror is to eliminate the original polarization, so as to improve the color saturation in the screen to eliminate non-building reflective, etc., in the night shooting, you can clearly on-site light pressure dark, so that photographers can choose a lower shutter speed, Extend the shutter speed of time, thereby increasing the exposure time, so that the movement of the film on the lights have enough time to form a strip of light with the effect, but also can eliminate some of the glass on the bad reflection.
VIII. Gradient Mirror. Gradient mirror half color, half colorless, the use of gradient mirror is mainly to adjust the contrast on the scene. In the shooting night, if the time is too early, too sky part of the brightness is too high, you can use neutral gray gradient to the sky pressure dark, dark in the sky, the use of other color gradient mirror can change the sky color and many more.
In short, in the night shooting according to their own needs to use filters, as long as the development of ideas, with good strain filter, it will be able to nighttime photography Zenghui.
8. How to use continuous shooting to capture the best picture
Continuous photo shoot and shooting ordinary photo operation is similar, but there are still some differences: the purpose of shooting a continuous photo is to grab a wonderful moment, missed a pat on the very difficult to have. The ordinary photos (such as pictures, etc.) can be repeated shooting until satisfied. Therefore, to successfully use the "continuous shooting" feature to snap to the wonderful moments, in addition to the basic above to do the above settings, we must also note the following: minimize the shutter delay time. Most people in the shooting, always see the need to see the lens, press the shutter, then the camera needs autofocus, metering, calculate the exposure, select the appropriate combination of exposure, which is the main reason for the shutter delay . The correct approach should be the first half-press the shutter, let the camera to complete auto-focus, auto exposure and other preparatory work, shooting time, then press the shutter in the end, so shutter delay will be greatly reduced. the appropriate photo size. As the digital camera shoots each successive photo, must carry on the data processing, will finally take the picture to the digital form store to the memory (like memory stick, SM, SD card and so on). This requires a certain amount of time, unlike the traditional camera, once the film can be finished over the second piece, and the length of time and set the size of the photo size of a considerable relationship. The larger the size, the greater the amount of data and the longer the storage time. Too long time interval, it will seriously affect the next photo shoot, resulting in the loss of some wonderful moments. Therefore, no special circumstances, the camera continuous shooting in the use of small size is better, this can reduce the camera processing time, shorten the shooting interval. have a certain amount of advance. The photographer must always focus on the subject, pay close attention to the subject, in the premonition that a moment will soon appear before the moment, quickly press the shutter, otherwise it will be due to the digital camera shutter delay and lost a rare opportunity.
V.due to the "continuous photo" mode, the digital camera's built-in flash is forbidden to use, so the higher the light requirements. I had poor lighting in the environment, the use of digital cameras to provide automatic mode of shooting, taking photos of serious underexposed. So if the ambient light is dark, you should use manual function shooting, such as the shutter, aperture priority mode or full manual mode, manually adjust the shutter speed, aperture size, exposure compensation, etc., if conditions permit, you can use a tripod or manual flash And other auxiliary equipment, so as to achieve better shooting. the shutter, the digital camera in accordance with the machine preset a good program to more than 2 per second speed (due to different models and more different) continuous shooting. During shooting, the LCD screen is in a black screen state and will not appear as if you were shooting a normal single photo, so do not move the lens to avoid taking pictures that are far from what you expected.
9. How to shoot people in the blue sky under the flowers
I. Use off-camera flash, let the camera into the flowers, while the flash is set high, closer to the portrait body.
II. Use "M" mode to shoot, metering to the sky as the basis for minus 1-2EV, and then the main portrait is simply to fill light + flash to make up the brightness.
10. What are the requirements to master the expression
I. To be stable. Inspired in the induction of the subject of the conversation, the photographer himself to be natural and generous, if nothing had happened, the language vivid fun, in order to guide the natural expression. If the language is inappropriate, it will create tension, so the subject is difficult to reveal the natural expression. Therefore, the photographer's own sound, is to master the expression of the premise.
II. To be accurate. Facial expressions change rapidly, especially dynamic expression, fleeting. The photographer should be clear-headed, act decisively, when the subject appears the best facial expression, the timely start the shutter, to seize the feelings of the best performance of the typical moment of the subject. If hesitant, action delay, will miss the opportunity, come to naught.
How to master the expression
11. master the expression of what methods
I. Be familiar with the subject. Before shooting, should be free to talk with the subject, observe and pondering their facial expressions and facial features, in order to timely design the ideal expression.
II.Heuristic induction. During the shooting, the photographer and the subject of the mutual conversation, both for photographers to observe and think, but also to eliminate the subject of tension, so that the relevant photographic information quickly passed to the subject, so that response and cooperation, and Easy to reveal the natural, vivid expression. For good self-expression of the subject, but also can be used to direct the method to promote its best expression.
12. What are the advantages and disadvantages of shooting people when the body is
Body is the body is on the shooting lens, easy to show the width of the body, showing straight lines, a solemn or rigid feeling.

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