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Photography Skill II

Photographic Skill(II)

1. What is the polarizer
The most commonly used, the most valuable filter, you can deepen the hue of the blue sky, you can eliminate glare and reflected light.
2. How to represent the size of the subject
It is difficult to directly determine the actual size of an object from the photograph. The vast sea may be on the screen is only a horizontal line, and smaller objects, and even the naked eye can not see the object, the screen can occupy a large area. This time can be compared by the way to performance. Object size comparison, on the one hand you can understand from the contrast to show the actual size of the object; the other hand, exaggerated deformation can express certain thoughts and feelings.
In order to faithfully represent the size of the subject, it is necessary to have a companion in the photograph as a reference object. Generally in daily life, people are familiar with, understand the size of the object as a comparison object. This not only highlights the subject but also impresses the viewer with the actual size of the subject.
3. How to set the horizon
Photographers in the shooting process, to properly arrange the location of the horizon. General shooting grassland and other landscapes, the horizon are arranged in the screen at one-third. In addition, when shooting the sea, the location of the horizon to determine the meaning of the screen. If the horizon below the screen at one-third of the time, then reflect the distant sea; if in the top third, the performance of the sea's broad feelings.
4. Shun light what role
Shun Kwong in portraits, can make people face even light to reduce the sense of defects. But the effect of light is the most smooth light, it is not conducive to shoot the three-dimensional sense of the subject and the sense of depth of space, the lack of angry.
5. What is the role of side light
Side lighting effects are significantly improved, the subject can produce light and shade changes, showing three-dimensional and surface texture, it is more in line with people's normal visual habits, so in photography is widely used.

6. Backlight what role
Backlight Illuminates the shape of an object so it can be separated from the background. In the shape of the edge of the object to form a bright bright line, to be able to render the atmosphere to be expressed, rich and active picture.
7. How to prevent camera shake
When shooting outside, it is best to carry a tripod. Without a tripod, the photographer can lean his body against the wall, or lean his hand against the railing to keep the camera in balance.
8. What are the advantages of overhead shooting
Overhead is the camera is higher than the subject to shoot down. This perspective is like a long-term perspective, now near to far from the scene in the picture from bottom to top can be fully flat out. Is conducive to the performance of the surface level of the scene, number, location, etc., can give a vast, far-reaching feelings.
9. Yang Shou What are the benefits
Shooting refers to the camera taking pictures below the subject. Is conducive to highlight the high momentum of the subject, the tree can be such an upward growth of the scene in the picture fully unfolded. The use of close to the ground of the Yang can also be used for exaggerated moving objects vacated, jumping and other actions. Yang shot when the characters should pay attention to is that the face of fat people try not to shoot like this.
10. What role does Ping Pai have?
Flat camera refers to the camera and the subject in the same horizontal line for shooting. This time the subject is not easy to deformation, especially the activities of people taking pictures of scenes, people feel equal and cordial. When shooting natural scenery, the treatment of the horizon is very important. In order to emphasize the upper and lower symmetry, the horizon can be placed in the middle position. However, in general, the horizon should be avoided to split the average screen, because in that case, the prospects and close-range will be compressed in the middle of a line, the screen flat, dull.
11. What is Rembrandt out
Rembrandt light technology is relying on strong side lighting so that the subject of any side of the face showing a shadow of the triangle. It can divide the subject's face into two, and make the sides of the face look different. If you use a uniform overall lighting, it will make the subject's face appear on both sides of the same.
12. RAW format with what software format conversion
Digital SLR camera RAW format can use light magic hands, Photoshop and other software to deal with certain format conversion.

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